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foodforthought, going with your premise that maybe folks aren’t lying about Russian troops being here, what they can do relative to Homeland Security would depend upon their #’s and resources. The DHS is a vast organization with almost unlimited budgets so it would be pretty tough to be more formidable than them . That said, I doubt there are foreign troops in the US other than a relatively small number here for some kind of joint training. I have seen the various stories of large numbers already being here with the assumption being they’re waiting for the go signal from O or the UN but I don’t really believe it. It would just be too hard to hide. I have seen many speculate that UN troops will come here in large numbers to take over after we collapse. What they miss is that if the US collapses, the rest of the 1st world will likely follow suit. The global economy is just too interconnected for the biggest player to go down and the rest go on as if nothing happened.