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Following the elections Harry Reid said we need to be cooperating with each other. Let’s see if that extends to any of those 300 bills moving off of his desk. I doubt they do.

Coming back to where I said the R’s should pick their candidate for 2016 now and start positioning him/her, I mean it. The alternative is going to be Clinton II in the Oval Office. If the R’s fight each other for the next year and a half, providing the D’s with plenty of negative quotes about their fellow R’s in the process that’ll reappear in the campaign, and pissing away a small fortune in the process, then get used to round two of the Hill & Bill show. Very very few people vote in the primaries, and the end result hasn’t been real exciting these past couple elections. O had a ground organization far superior to Romney or McCain, and organizations like that don’t come together overnight following the nominating conventions. The R’s need to decide if they want to win in 2016 or do they want to instead continue fighting each other. If they can’t negotiate amongst themselves how in the world will they ever negotiate with the D’s? The huge success this past Tuesday does not automatically translate into success in 2016. Much as it pissed me off to hear O be snarky about it, it was a low voter turnout compared to Presidential elections, and the demographics are in the D’s favor in that regard. If Hillary sweeps the country in the manner O did, she’ll carry some of her folks into the House and Senate with her. Demographics are not on the side of the R’s, so they need to be smarter than they’ve been in recent years.

As a side note, something that the R’s need to make a priority is voting integrity. They need to push for voter ID laws (including when people initially register) and get rid of any voting machine that does not have a paper trail. You can’t do a recount if there is no paper.