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PS: I couldn’t believe how Ray Mears processed his fish. He cut off the head and the fins and tail where all the nutrition is… And what happened to the organs? If you want to get the most from a fish, eat the organs first, raw if possible, or lightly cooked. If there is any roe, eat it fresh or lightly salt for later. Follow with the fish head and the fatty fins and tail. Eat all the skin with a bit of the muscle meat. Smoke, salt and/or dry the rest of the muscle meat. Use the fish bones and any waste for making bone broth.

There’s a major difference between “survival eating” and “bushcraft eating”.
The guts in a survival situation, sure. (Okay maybe)
The guts in a ‘normal’ situation, nope not gonna happen.
The guts for a soft television audience? Gonna lose your audience unless it looks like it just came off the backyard grill.
Unless you’re drinking your pee and then they’ll stay and watch the idiot.

Ever been to a Mexican restaurant and had Chicharones? Chopped pig guts. Disgusting but some love them. The Brit penchant for ‘offal’, again mixed innards.
Certain items, such as liver and heart are great , the wife won’t come in the house when I’m cooking liver.
The wife loves gizzards, I can’t choke them down. Ever.
Sweetbreads? I’ll pass.
Fish head soup? Great flavor and taste, just keep the head in the pot, thank you.

Much depends on where you were brought up, and what you are used to eating.
A local and I were discussing eating jackrabbits last night. He was brought up being told they were nasty and only worth dog food. While I said just throw them in the pressure cooker and you’ve got dinner cooking.

Fish roe? Raw meat? Depends quite bluntly on what it is and where.