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Ghost Prime, The collapse will be delayed because the GOP now control the purse but O did spend Trillions so the debt will be a problem. The GOP will get some things done like the keystone pipeline which will bring oil down or keep it low on a worldwide bases which will slow the collapse not only of the U. S. but of Europe.

O will want somethings done that he can’t do with executive order so the GOP will give him some for some of what the GOP wants. So yes we have won some time and if we can get a Republican in the White House in two years then we MAY turn things around but it is a big MAY because of all the debt.

Still this election was a big win because it does slow down O big time and we do not have to deal with crazy HARRY!!!! WOW I need another drink! No Harry and no Nancy Pelosi, two down and one to go!