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So far the consensus appears to be that nothing significant will change for the better, is that accurate? Yes, Ovomit will have some constraints on him but only if the GOP develops a backbone which I seriously doubt. They are far too concerned about power and getting elected than they are about correcting the problems with America. IMHO, they are part of the problem as they have either actively created the problems we have (illegal immigration, debt, lawlessness, decline of morals) or they have passively allowed them. Either way, they are complicit in the destruction of America for inaction can be as dangerous as action when the stakes are as high as they are.

Tweva made a good point that the debt will continue to threaten the stability of America, a point with which I am in full agreement. Where we differ is that I am certain that both parties have colluded on the intentional destruction of America. If not, how did we arrive at this moment where we have over $120 Trillion in total debt, we have 30-50 million illegal aliens living, working, and receiving benefits here, where we have a fraud, a traitor (or a spy depending on his real citizenship) and a murderer as POTUS, laws are ignored except when the criminals in government want to use them against the people, where corporations are leaving America simply to compete because of taxes and excessive regulations; where the middle class has been eroded by the combined policies of dems and repubs, and on and on. Politicians have publicly stated they want to bring in the NWO. Rockefeller has publicly declared his desire for the NWO and even mockingly derided journalists saying if their questions imply that he is for one world government, then he is guilty as charged. Even GHW Bush Sr spoke of the NWO while POTUS, making it seem like the solution to all our problems. Then GW Jr said we have to give up some freedom to protect them, which is total nonsense.

All in all, with the combined actions of both parties over the last 100 years forcing us into this current mess, I must conclude that they are both guilty of planning the destruction of America. Still, I appreciate contrary opinions so do continue to as this discussion is of importance to me.

Ovomit does seem to be somewhat limited in what he can do but that assumes the GOP will miraculously develop a backbone, something they have lacked since at least Reagan. Will the GOP develop a real vision for America, or will they continue their lackluster performance where they focus on winning elections so they can retain power, while spending more energy and money attacking the Tea Party then they do attacking the commies in the dnc. That to me is proof they are NOT interested in We the People nor are they interested in the well-being of America. Bonehead Boehner has proven he is all too eager to make a deal with Ovomit which in my view is treason, for Ovomit is a traitor many times over. Again, laws MUST be enforced, the first being to charge Ovomit with Treason, Fraud, Murder, and more. Then, congress must be charged with Misprision of Treason for they have a duty to charge Ovomit for his treason but they have chosen not to do so, making them ALL guilty of Misprision of Treason.

A question that comes to mind is what is the view of our members about the possible collapse of America? Will it be delayed by the GOP, or will they put us on a path to sanity and responsibility? If it is merely delayed by them kicking the can down the road, how long do you think the delay will be? In terms of the purpose of this website, that seems to me to be a critical question we must address so do weigh in on this.

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