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Like one of my friends once said: “Survival is an art of staying alive. Bushcraft is like roots for survival. First was a Stone Age, than bushcraft and finaly survival”.

I personaly think that sometimes survival and bushcraft are hard to distinguish. Making fire for example. Survival skill or bushcraft skill? Planecrash – I have to make fire. I live in woods during my 2 months holiday – I have to make and sustain fire. Smilar, same? Yes and no.
Survival comes from “survive”. Something happens and man has to survive.
Bushcraft is made out of “bush” and “craft” (like woodcraft). For me it means: how to live (more “live, thrive” than “survive”) in wilderness.
In suvival situations I rarely need skill like makig spoon or building wooden cabin (bush/wood/wildernesscraft). But I need skills like making fire, obtaining water, food, etc.

Survival/bushcraft skills/training? You obtain skills by triaining them.

I think there’s no one correct definition of survival and bushcraft.