While a lot of bushcraft skills can be used for wilderness survival, there is still a difference between the two.

Today, seldom is rescue more than 3 days away. So many of the older bushcraft skills like making semi permanent shelters has been discouraged.

When in survival mode, you’re hardly going to be making a spoon.

Or compare making a decent fish weir to a simple fishing spear.
One is long term the other immediate.

An overnight slit trench versus a dugout cabin.
A poncho raft versus a bull boat.
Eating grubs versus smoking a deer.
Improvised bow and arrows versus deadfalls and pit traps.
A stone axe versus a Hudson Bay axe.

The difference as I see it is time and intent.
With bushcraft I may be hiding, but I’m not running.
With wilderness survival I am likely in a time crunch, to make a fire and get dry, to staunch a wound, to make sure rescuers find me.

When I’m making a rabbit skin blanket versus huddling under a pile of leaves? That’s bushcraft.

The Jews in the Belarus forests used bushcraft to live, but they used wilderness survival skills to make fire, to escape and make it to where bushcraft could be used to live not just survive.