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I have more than a little distrust of a round that the DNR find as barely adequate for deer.<br><br>
And personal experience has shown me that the .223 is still a varmint round regardless of bullet.<br><br>
I’ve taken a number of critters with the .223 and will continue to do so.<br><br>
But when feeding or defending my family is the key, I want larger, to ensure that if I miss by a bit, I still drop what needs killin.

100% Agreed, but in this context (and real life ;) ) I believe folks will use what is on hand. I would not pass up a juicy doe just cuz I had an AR shouldered. But I have the other needs covered, as you apparently do.

Still pondering a 300BLK setup, but it makes no sense until I’m set up for reloading.

You experiences and expertise really carry a lot of weight, keep giving us your “all else equal” standards!<br>
I rarely deviate from your guidance, apparently I did my homework as far as actual purchases and my needs :D<br>
But I bought most of my arsenal pre-SHTF-Schooling, too…

Couple of weeks ago, took the kids hunting. Their hunt not mine so I didn’t take a rifle along.

Of the nearly 100 deer we saw I could have taken all but 3 with my little M4. But I wouldn’t have let the kids try, not enough oomph if they muff the shot.

Fully half I could have taken with the Glock 30 on my hip had I been inclined.

Blackout and 6.8 make a lot of sense, we had both on the shelves during the crisis, and the price was stil just $1 a pop, same as good .223.

Not as cheap as .223 or x39 normally, at least the cheap stuff, what you get in exchange is a fair trade.

I’m building two 6.8 uppers, one for my M4 and a full size SP1 style retro Vietnam era gun. For the extra punch out of the same package, the ability to hunt larger game with the same gun and matching up with the .270s we already have.

Going to keep the .223 top for the M4 and build a SP1 upper for the other in .223 also, for cheap practice and emergency use as well as using a .22 conversion unit in.