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The elections felt good, but the reality is that O can still veto anything he doesn’t like, and while there are limits to what he can do with executive orders, he can do major damage in his remaining two years. The Repubs do not have enough votes in the Senate to impeach O even if they were so inclined. The Repubs are not unified and will likely fight over who the 2016 candidate will be right up until the GOP convention. Odds are they will grab defeat out of the jaws of victory as Ghost Prime said. They should have already hand picked their candidate for 2016 and be positioning that person, and settled on what their agenda will be for the next two years. The Repubs used to be much better at running national elections. Meanwhile O will lend Hillary his get out the vote machine which was far superior to what the Repubs mounted the past two elections, Bill who is as masterful a campaigner as exists will be stumping for her, and the rest of us can get used to saying Madame President. So, yesterday felt good, but the Repubs are not ready to hit the ground running. Seeing their lack of leadership is not encouraging.