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Ghost Prime –
I, personally, don’t think that the GOP gaining control of the Senate, more GOP in House and more GOP governors is going to make a huge, nor immediate and discernible, difference in life as we currently know it. Nor, I must say, do I particularly subscribe to a ‘planned collapse of America’ theory.

Our nations problems are many and of long-standing. It is unrealistic, IMHO, to believe than in a short amount of time major, lasting change can be wrought by mere fallible men, no matter how well-meaning they may be. What is possible, (although probable depends on so many things) is for some positive improvement in a few areas of concern.

So, no – I don’t think it changes much for me and my chosen lifestyle of continued development of self-sufficiency and planning best I may for the many various scenarios that could impact my life, freedom and survival.

NAFTA and other free trade agreements will not be given up – manufacturing jobs will not suddenly appear. Immigration will continue to be a problem. Infrastructure will still continue to deteriorate. On and on. This, not to mention there is a dearth of interest in the general population in not only ‘politics’ but even more, people of principle, intelligence, knowledge with vision and leadership skills that say clearly and simply what they mean and mean what they say.

The biggest damage you see, has already occurred. The big banks should have been allowed to fail. Same with the auto industry. Our government is simply too huge now. Too many greedy mitts in the pie. Most importantly, there exists no way for our country to repay the trillions of debt that ‘Quantitative Easing’ has created. None. That, ultimately, is what one must base one’s personal decisions upon. Because either an event will occur, or a series of them, that can and will most likely bring the whole house of cards crashing down around the American public’s ears. We are hugely in debt with no way to repay it in a rapidly changing world filled with many threats – and…GOP control or not- we still have a zero as a leader. A rudderless ship we are…adrift in a sea of red ink. All else is not even worth talking about – trivial issues.