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You might find this post and video about the difference between knowledge and common sense very interesting about bushcraft and wilderness survival. Sometimes things aren’t what we think they are.


I used to tell people that they had about 15 minutes for self-rescue in freezing water before a person would lose dexterity. This is not true for a trained individual. If you practice cold-thermogenesis you can greatly improve your survival time and function.

Arthur Haines recommends to “Practice hormesis. Expand your physical tolerance limits. Recognize that you can endure greater levels of cold, heat, hunger, and physical discomfort than you believe. Thermostats and instant meals have blunted your ability to be comfortable when outside the home. Walk barefoot on the cold ground (or in the snow). Push yourself (safely) during exercise. Experience the elements and allow your body to broaden its range of what feels comfortable. You will gain strength and your metabolism will adjust. Learn to enjoy the climate of your local setting.”