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This place called Canada just helped bomb Syria… Little people like me, just want to live in peace… I don’t want my tax dollars to go into bombing some other country into a pre-industrial state. I have no idea why this country called Canada, thinks it’s a good idea to bomb Syria.

Syria amount other countries in the middle east, was carved out of the Ottoman Empire during the Peace of Versailles by the League of Nations. Rearranging the whole eastern part of Europe and the middle east was a major task of the Peace of Versailles. New countries were drawn up by people that didn’t live in the countries. This so called peace, forced different groups of people together that did not shared a common history or culture. Many of these people hated each other for centuries.

Also, If I understand correctly, most of the middle east never went through the Enlightenment and the separation of the church and state. There are many militant groups in the middle east that want a Islamic state (caliphate state). So, there’s a lot that people are fighting about.

I would have to take weeks of research to understand the situation in Syria… and who the hell is ISIS? Even if I did, no one would listen to me. These are forces outside the individual’s control. You can be sure that as one of the little people, you are not being told the truth about the situation. Just know you are likely being fed a steady diet of propaganda…. which should always be consumed with a side dish of skepticism. :)