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Sorry to dig up an old Thread.

I’m Sorry that you had to make this experience after the war and all that Chaos in the past.

We live in a suburban area of a suburban City in Austria, i can’t describe it differently (2000 Citizens on a large area).
We had last year once again a Flood in Austria, this year other Areas were affected.
People here “know the Water”, but very few are prepared for such an Event.
Others ignore it and yell for help or don’t want to leave when it get’s real bad. The Firefighters then
have to search for them or evacuate them (often at Night) and this is a great Danger for them to.

We checked media in Germany, especially in Germany on the Border (when there the worst happens then we get it for sure).
Our Media, not much, “no Problem at this time, stay tuned…the new IPhone is here-it’s great….” pffff

The Problem was that it was in the beginning not so bad, then things were going fast and we started to evacuate our Cars etc first after one of our Neighbours alarmed us at night (he is a local firefighter and knows things like this before others).
But there were those Neighbors did not care and went back to Bed. They live in an Apartment on the first floor for example, we are a little Community here.
They have also helped no one during the Flood, we know now who to trust and who not and who get’s help and who not in the Future.

We evacuated our Cars around Midnight, at 3am we were completly trapped on our “Island”, people were shocked.
Later came out that our area was flooded to protect other areas, we were really upset when we “learned” this and it was better that none of the responsible persons was reachable for us.

The Fire Department had some time at that Moment to evacuate people who wanted it.
I spoke with my Wife and some Neighbors, we knowed our House was built for this “Environment”, the Basement is waterproof (and it was!).
In Addition, we are almost 2 meters higher than other Building and we make everything tight with all Material that is available, so we stayed and began to work all together (except a few “very great neighbours that i love since that Day” ;))

We used everything we had and found, Tables we cut with the chain saw, Panels, Tarps everything.
Then, F#ck! We had no sandbags around the set to make things even more tightly! Shame on Us :(
No Sandbags, for Evacuation it’s too late….what to do…..a neighbour cried “the phone works!” and called the Fire Department.
A Voice said “Please wait until a line becomes free and do not hang up, we will soon answer your call”, oookayyy.
“Hang up” i said, this sucks we need the bags or otherwise we have no chance at all.
My Wife looked at me and i saw in her Eyes that she wanted to wine and gave up. At this Moment i thought you stupid Idiot, the next Time if there’s a Problem be quiet and think before you say something.
He then tried to cal the local Administration and there was a Lady on the Phone!
He begged that Sandbags will be sent to us, no matter who brings them we need them soon, she says that she tries to send Firefighters from the Neighbor Community so we waited.
No One knews what happens, then suddenly we saw a little Boat, they came and had Sandbags with them. But they where empty!
Below was a small playground with two Sandboxes for the Kids, it was not yet completely under Water so we started to digging them out.
We had 1 large Shovel, i had a children scoop and worked with that, it was the first time we laughed because we all looked really crappy.
Finally we were ready, nothing we could do anymore just wait.

The Water was getting higher and higher and every Time that damn Helicopter flew over our Heads we knew that it gets worse.
I wanted to show them my naked ass because i knew that they would see it, this Bas..rds.

A few more Centimeters and it would probably turned out to be bad, but it had worked!
The only Trouble was that we had Water in our Cellars, it came in over some Shafts and we had to search for the Mainshaft that we had to drain out again and again.
We had divided Guards with Flashlights in the Night that checked if everything is ok and to alarm the others when there happens someting.

But no Water in one of the Apartments, we made it!

Selco’s list is very good!
(you need the mosquito repellent -nets after that time, there are masses of mosquitoes and flies)

In addition,

– if possible, have more than one Shovel :)
– Ropes, which are very important
– Rubber Fishing Pants, if you have to work in water

If a situation occurs where you currently do not know what needs to be done, be quiet and think about it.