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I have more than a little distrust of a round that the DNR find as barely adequate for deer.<br>
And personal experience has shown me that the .223 is still a varmint round regardless of bullet.<br>
I’ve taken a number of critters with the .223 and will continue to do so.<br>
But when feeding or defending my family is the key, I want larger, to ensure that if I miss by a bit, I still drop what needs killin.

100% Agreed, but in this context (and real life ;) ) I believe folks will use what is on hand. I would not pass up a juicy doe just cuz I had an AR shouldered. But I have the other needs covered, as you apparently do.

Still pondering a 300BLK setup, but it makes no sense until I’m set up for reloading.

You experiences and expertise really carry a lot of weight, keep giving us your “all else equal” standards!
I rarely deviate from your guidance, apparently I did my homework as far as actual purchases and my needs :D
But I bought most of my arsenal pre-SHTF-Schooling, too…

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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