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Got handloading gear?

Pretty easy to load some mild loads and not have to fool around with adapters and pistol rounds.
Cast bullets are easy to make. Get a Lee mold, melt down some wheelweights or lead sinkers and cast some bullets. Load them mild, maybe lube them with some spary-on bullet lube or mix up your own recipe…

What does a box of .32acp cost these days? $35??? Adapter costs some real money. Buy a lee loader and you are set. .32cal handgun bullets are .308 diameter, load some lead swaged or jacketed bullets with a mild dose of Unique or 4198 and you are set. Jacketed won’t lead your barrel but won’t take the velocity of a rifle bullet. Still, they’re workable. .30-06, .308, even a .30-30 and you are set. Got brass cases from your AK? If they got boxer primers, you are set!

All sorts of potentials for the handloader. Learning to handload is like learning to fish; your guns will never go hungry…10gr of Unique will get you 700 handloads. Recover your bullets and recast them…If you got a bullet puller, you can salvage ammunition for components. Valuable tools to have…

Got a 30 or .35 cal rifle? .32 S&W, H&R Mag, or .325 Federal will share bullets with your .30 bore. Same way with .357/.38 and .35cal rifles. .44 mag and .444 Marlin also. Very nice to be able to work the full-range of a caliber. Guess there are some .wildcats like .357 Bain and .41 Action Express for 1911 pistols. Pretty nice if your rifle bore and handgun bore are same diameter or within .001″.Maybe there is a .;475 rilfe of same bore diameter as .480 Ruger or .475 Linebaugh? Would be a great combo for big game capable requirements.

Can always load a large diameter cast bullet to mild velocity and take small game, they just get a bigger hole in their pelt.