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Good post, only two things i disagree with personally is the idea of heading to the local armory, people do that in SHTF like katrina as often as they head to wallmart. so for me its a big NOPE, if the LEO goes home to protect his family and leaves a war room wide open to looters how long is the family gonna last. armory doesn’t interest me. Not only that, but its an easily anticipated strategic move… I recommend you send Jethro through that door first to collect your treasures.

As much as i hate COD, ( and i do, i really hate COD)

I believe 100% that the ability to generate a mental map, and the development of strategic thinking that ALL war games encourage has as much value as the tactics and muscle memory developed in physical real life training, during which btw, you will never be exposed to nearly as many psychology of enemies, and I would never dismiss any chance to learn anything about anyone. People who say the internet is anti social, games are anti social have mental issues that starts with a capital STUBBORN, something new and novel they have never even dreamed of encountering is gonna surprise them one day, and it won’t surprise me a bit when the younger crowd starts pulling all these wonderful tricks they have learned from going to war EVERY… SINGLE… DAY…

But you know, if you want to close yourself off to new ideas or ways of thinking thats your choice ***** eating grin*.

All I have to say to that is, can I have your stereo?

“A mans life on earth is war.”

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.