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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Selco wrote:</div>if you look closer you ll see that there are gonna be many groups (fractions, governments, militias, paramilitary or whatever name is gonna be) who are fighting for power and resources without any moral (ethics).

When SHTF most of the people will look for outside help, for someone to tell them what to do, to organize them, to help them.

Which is why, one of the best SHTF plans you can make now is to become involved in your local community – and to make lots of friends and encourage other people to get involved. Even if this means working outside your comfort zone, and possibly having to be the catalyst for starting some local, non-threatening, sort of community ‘group’ (you pick the name/best ‘purpose’). Natural leaders do eventually become obvious, as do the locals to keep an eye on – the ones that have ‘adjustable’ morals and ethics. Like does attract like. It’s the best way I figure to not have a vacuum in my local area – no matter what other ‘group’ shows up/arises. Think! It is even NOW that people ‘look for outside help, for someone to tell them what to do, to organize them, to help them.’ Many people are worried, concerned and frightened NOW. Why wait until SHTF?

Get up, get out, open your mouth, just talk to people. Do things to get the community simply interacting with each other more. Tough in this day and age but not impossible – and many WANT to get away from their screens and feel like they ‘belong to something’.

Don’t wait. The ‘intelligence’ network you can develop and information you learn NOW will be very valuable – and may save your life.

My 2 cents.