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I really only tell people of my heritage when I am asked and that doesn’t happen much, some ask me if I am Italian-American. In Cuba there was no native Cubans, they were all killed off by the English and Spanish. So if I were still in Cuba I would be a Spanish-English-Cuban, my grandfather on one side was from Spain and the other grandfather was from England. On my mothers side her grandmother was from France.

In Cuba there were many from other European counties. Cuba is not the same as Central and South America.

Well what I wanted to say in the post is that I am proud of a American-Cuban showing how much he loves America, I think this same thing has happen with many other groups.

But I do think this is missing in the new immigrants that are coming over now. I can over because of Communism. My father wanted to be free, he wanted liberty. My father always tells me that he is proud to be an American and that there is NO country in the World like America.

The new immigrants are coming for economical reasons only. The schools are not helping ether! When I went to school the teachers would tell me please only English. Also they would teach us the U. S. History, the U. S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all about George Washington and how he was the best president America has had.

This is not important anymore, why?

I personally think that in this article it shows that he wants to show how proud he is to be an American and how special America is to have given us freedom, liberty. That is what I am proud about. God Bless America.