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……………………. right now its in b.c. canada the pine beatle hasn’t been killed off by a normal minus 30 degree C winter in decades……… as well as in the north west territory and yukon…. where scientists harper shut down have been SCREAMING about the methane thawing out and a runnaway green house effect.

Who profits from creating dissension on this issue??? anyone???????

It is also well accepted that species we depend on cannot survive change in climate NOT weather at this pace… The century and millennia that it took for previously recorded ice ages and warming periods to change did not occur this fast…

Runaway green house effect means we could turn into venus. The hottest planet in the solar system… I say could, its not probable in my mind at all… We could fix global warming with less than 0.01% of the worlds current nuclear arsenal. Matter of fact… at this tipping point in global climate, it would more or less cool it off perfectly. *rant rant* fucking oil companys and there bullshit propaganda. cock ******* are as bad as the railways where when it comes to mowing people and its own workers down… *rant rant*

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.