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And to reply to an earlier post about AR’s jamming, Really? If you have a decent, even mid grade AR with a decent un damaged magazine shooting mil-spec ammunition you will be rewarded with amazing reliability. The biggest downfall of these rifles is the operator. Sometimes your weapon will have to take abuse, but you should give some care to the system that will save your life. And yes, I have carried the AR system in the field, and yes, it does work, even with very little, if any maintenance.

I was waiting for someone to throw this bullshit out there. The AR in question was actually a bit upmarket and was taken to a gunsmith who quoted me an astronomical figure for getting the weapon running properly (this was practically out of the box), but I guess you know better. That’s why the M4 has such a strong reputation for reliability (especially so with no maintenance, natch), and is loved by all who have had to carry it. Best of luck staying in your 600m fantasy land. I bet it’s warm there.

Okay, most higher end AR’s need more ‘run-in’ time and rounds.
The manufacturers don’t put a bunch of rounds through them, only test fire for function 3-5 rounds.

Most people don’t want a ‘used’ gun with hundreds of rounds through it. Even if that is what it takes to get it to have all the parts seated and started to be worn in and smooth.

As a gunsmith, I can say that my ‘services’ for making a reluctant AR run aren’t cheap, but considering what happens to the gun while I have it, and the hours involved, it’s actually a bargain.

I recently had a like new, top end Noveske in for tweaking. Things I polish when I build an AR got done, burrs and sharp edged were removed. When I was done, the testfire included a mag of mixed ammo. The box of junk ammo I use includes some handloads, Malaysian ball, Wolf and PRVI, and many more. There’s at least 15 different types in the box at any one time. The customer was there for the testfire, let’s just say he was pleased with the results.

Eagle was right, most of the time issues with the AR platform revolve around lubrication, magazines and ammo. These are operator issues, got a junk mag, get rid of it. Use bad ammo, shame on you. Don’t want to put some lube in the gun? You’re gonna have to take the blame on that one too.

Other times, it can be as simple as a metal shaving under the extractor (Wilson Combat), the gas carrier key not being staked properly (multitudes) and one ‘custom’ that came in last week that the only thing keeping the barrel nut in place was the gas tube, not even hand tight. The barrel was moving from side to side as you moved the gun around.

Our local SO brings their AR’s to me now. They’ve got 2 in house armorers and have had different ones over the years, but I fix their problem children, which they can’t seem to do. And it’s cheaper for them to bring them to me in the long run as I go through the rest of the gun and fix what needs fixin’, not just bandaid the problem.
Considering the amount of crud, carbon and junk in them (they get cleaned every 5 years), it’s almost amazing that they run well enough to qualify, but they do. A shot of oil, some good ammo and mags and they just keep going.

As one who has had various lemons myself, including Glocks (yes, plural), I don’t judge the entire breed or brand on one bad example.
For example, there’s also a reason most high end 1911 manufacturers give a X-round count break in period, so the gun is allowed to run in rather than spending man hours final fitting and ‘loosening’ up the gun so it’ll run 100%.

My last Sheriff picked up a high end 6.5 AR. Left hand gun built for him, it was fully customized (@$3500) but he was having issues for hours during qualifications. I gave it a heavy dose of oil and opened up the gas system (adjustable) and told him to go run it like he meant it, not baby it. Suddenly it ran like a scalded cat.

My M4’gery is an embarrassment. It’s loose, ugly and old school.
But when you peek under the hood, and run the action, it’s like the old moonshiners cars. Tweaked, polished and tuned to run. And that’s with stock parts, same as my Glocks.
I loan it out in classes, I teach with it, I carried it on duty. It doesn’t get cleaned when I’m teaching and I’m still waiting for it to have an issue that wasn’t ammo related (we got a bad batch of ammo at my last PD)

One bad example doesn’t mean you condemn the entire breed, except maybe liberals.