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The AR in question was actually a bit upmarket and was taken to a gunsmith who quoted me an astronomical figure for getting the weapon running properly (this was practically out of the box),

Upmarket ARs seem to suffer more of this than simple mil-spec weapons. My son’s (USMC) first AR was an $1,100 Stag Arms, and when he convinced me to buy an AR, I found a local shop (former Army Ranger) who sourced select affordable parts and assembled them. I picked a few options, and started making payments. Told my son about this and e was glad I was finally taking the dive! When I told him how much it was ($700) he told me I could not get a good AR for that. I told him what I listed above, and he was still doubtful. When he inspected my AR, he was impressed! Even more so when we shot it ;) “Upmarket” sometimes means you paid too much… some of the high dollar parts are totally unnecessary for the casual shooter, but the big money AR sellers also know the “perceived value” mentality applies to any market that is affected by the news cycle like gun buyers are. :(

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Hope you get your battle rifle needs sorted out.
As for that particular unit, I’d suggest another gunny, or better yet, back to MoM!

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