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And to reply to an earlier post about AR’s jamming, Really? If you have a decent, even mid grade AR with a decent un damaged magazine shooting mil-spec ammunition you will be rewarded with amazing reliability. The biggest downfall of these rifles is the operator. Sometimes your weapon will have to take abuse, but you should give some care to the system that will save your life. And yes, I have carried the AR system in the field, and yes, it does work, even with very little, if any maintenance.

I was waiting for someone to throw this bullshit out there. The AR in question was actually a bit upmarket and was taken to a gunsmith who quoted me an astronomical figure for getting the weapon running properly (this was practically out of the box), but I guess you know better. That’s why the M4 has such a strong reputation for reliability (especially so with no maintenance, natch), and is loved by all who have had to carry it. Best of luck staying in your 600m fantasy land. I bet it’s warm there.