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Worked as both cook and night time chef for years and years. EDC for us was always half dozen knifes, on the hip and in knife cases. Gotta make sure you can prove your on your way to work when you carry them tho.

A chef friend of mine had a small knife pulled on him while waiting for a train downtown after a closing shift in the kitchen. He calmly told the punk ok, heres my wallet. reached into his knife case and produced 12 inches of RUN MOTHER ******. Problem solved.

And yes, we chefs almost always have our 500 dollar set of knifes on us while taking public transit.

not everyone can EDC that tho lol.

I did bring a 12 inch chef knife into the bush with me this summer. Very handy, doesn’t replace a heavy duty hunting knife, but there cheap. You get an old one from a thrift store and they will throw sparks for fire starting.

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