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KOS wrote:
Underground, I have zero respect for that kind of corruption and trading, the only level of interaction I will ever have with that part of society is scraping it off my boot. I’ve seen that side of life, what happens to children and women caught in it. Its enough to leave you wondering where they got the gold ring and that new whore.

You trade with cunts like that, as far as I am concerned you are enabling them to continue to make suffer those they steal from. zero respect. matter of fact, bloods starting to boil at the thought. just my opinion, just my choice…

if a bunch of raping thieves had antibiotics and i was going to die without them, the solution to the equation is pretty simple… the **** would you trade with them for… zero respect.

i won’t even shop at wall mart anymore… trade with human filth? more like wheres the bleach…

I’m just relating the events in Argentina, from memory, let me see if I can get a link.
It was supposedly the common folks who did this. Not sure though…

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