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Fittness for me these days = ability to hike 6-15 km per day with a 45 pound pack. If SHTF I want to be able to do 20 in a day.

Ive been semi active all my life, used to be a serious weight lifter back before my personal SHTF. So there are a wide variety of opinions on exorcize and training, to that I can attest.

But in my opinion, endurance is everything. I used to be all for a balance of muscle strength and endurance, but after I started really reading about old school martial arts, not the dance classes of today, i decided that endurance and speed(tech) where all that mattered. Strength matters for grappling when you fight fair and don’t go for the eyes.

Anyway my current training routine is a lot of hiking with the pack. I value being able to walk miles on hard feet, and at the same time I don’t have to worry about losing the weight I worked hard to put on this last couple years, because I can keep my metabolism lower than a high output half hour routine.

When I was going to the gym back in the day my metabolism was so high, I was hungry all the time and couldn’t gain a pound. Its a serious issue if you consider what you might have to go through if SHTF. I find it ironic that the first world wants to be skinny when we face an agricultural food crisis compounded by peak oil.

1 pound of human fat = 3300 cals. easy to carry calories.

Never be afraid to do the righteous thing, nothing righteous is ever easy.