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freedom wrote:
The black market today will not be the same people. The good people in the black market will not be able to do the same thing in a SHTF times. Criminals will see the money that they can make in the black market and will take anyone that is in there way that may undercut them.

HISTORY notes exceptions to this…
Can’t remember the name, but the guy who was interviewed about the Argentinian Economic Meltdown said something to the effect that “After one weekend, the banks did not re-open, the politicians were on TV and radio saying that the banks would re-open soon and that all would be OK nut the money would be different. The very next day, the ‘underground black market’ was out on EVERY Street, with all types of goods that were hard to come by under the old crumbling money system. Our ‘currency of choice’ was gold rings, which were weighed.” He said something about the Gold being an assumed karat weight in the marketplace… As I remember it was 14k?

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