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Toby C wrote:

What about fitness…? What do we all think about that?

LOL, I believe you are using the “community mind” to give yourself ideas for a school paper or an article :D

IMO Physical Fitness is a very important aspect. I have taken it on myself to do a few things:
1. Lose Weight (although a few extra pounds is an asset in a survival scenario).
I went down to 195#, and feel better and of course, look better. I am “pausing” at this point, and trying to maintain this weight by adding muscle.
2. Strength Training
Doing some light weight lifting (need heavier dumbbells) for now, plus pushups. I have read that PLANKING is good, similar to pushups. I will add some things as I progress. Gotta keep it in a morning routine for now…
3. Jogging and Running
Fight or Flight? Strength helps for fighting, but technique is more important. But knowing when to run, and being able to run is perhaps the best strategy. A fight avoided is a fight WON! Egos have no place in an SHTF scenario.

Good Topic, Tobias… ;)

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