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Thanks Undergrond,

What I meant was with a limited supply of ammo you would need more if your misses don’t solve your problem. Using more ammo to settle a situation means you have less to deal with the next one, and the one after that. You also attract less attention if you fire one or two rounds and can retire victorious, mag dumps increase attention, Less noise, less time spent trading ordinance, better chance to survive.

And please, don’t take me wrong, It is like Ford Vs. Chevy. Both beat the hell out of walking!

If in the last days, I wake to find my clothes in tatters, my wife and children terrified and my hair on fire, I would consider myself very fortunate to have an AK with a couple loaded magazines! We would make do! AK’s are fun! Determination is your best weapon.

I believe just discussing this is good for everybody here.