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Eagle223usa wrote:
Why thank you gentlemen and ladies, if any.
We have Several!

Are you packing “Hits” or “Misses”? Both weigh the same! Carrying hits means the amount you can carry will last longer, and you increase your chances for survival.

Thanks again for putting up with my rants.

I love that quote.
But on first read, I spun it to read that an AR generally has a better accuracy than an AK, but then the HITS actually weigh LESS than the MISSES of a less accurate (for some) heavier platform.

I could sell all of my AK stuff and convert an AR to 300BLK specs, but then again I would miss the AK Fun! I think I will do the 300BLK if I have enough time and resources, but other projects have priority. Too Bad, it’s a great setup and much better for an AR-toting B.O.B. in the U$A!

Glad to have you on board, Eagle!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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