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Why thank you gentlemen and ladies, if any.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my AK’s. I have trained with them and they do work. I hope I didn’t offend anyone, I wrote that at like 5 am as I couldn’t sleep. I have been reading Selcos’ stuff for a while. He has some very good insight. In his area I think an AR would look like an exotic toy and attract undue attention. Also his access to parts and ammo would be very limited. In the USA, the AR is more popular than warm apple pie and as common as a Chevy Silverado or Ford F150.

I work with several veterans of the war he speaks of. They all gravitate towards the Zastava produced weapons, M48, M76 and M70’s. They also cook beans in iron pots in their backyards! I think for them it is nostalgia based! Not surprisingly, they would be considered “preppers” even while living in the land of plenty. It seems that everyone can smell something blowing in with the wind.

As an American I can draw on my heritage too, April 19, 1775, a bunch of farmers routed the best army in the world. They did this through the practice of marksmanship. Only hits count.

In a real fight you only have what you carried in with you. If you are lucky you can forage from the enemy if his weapon system is compatible with yours. If not you have only what you can carry. Are you packing “Hits” or “Misses”? Both weigh the same! Carrying hits means the amount you can carry will last longer, and you increase your chances for survival.

For me, It’s a quality AR, Colt, Bushmaster (Pre-Ceribus) or any other quality brand, there are more good ones than bad ones. I feed them good Lake City made USGI surplus, preferably from Mag Pul P mags, but I have had no problem with USGI aluminum unless they have been dropped or stepped on. Because of my advanced years I use scopes on almost everything, Luepolds mostly.

I still think the advantage in any fight is training and thinking.

Thanks again for putting up with my rants, and Thanks Selco for sharing your experience with us.