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I have a good buddy who lurks here occasionally. He is a firearms enthusiast and has an SKS with which he is getting a 6″ grouping at 300 yards. That is plenty good for most situations in most areas of the U$A. YMMV, and you may not be able to find a 7.62×39 blaster that is this accurate… a milled receiver with a good bore can actually group better, but cost more than a good AR platform.

Just a few more points of data, for those pondering a future purchase.

Those who bothered to read Selco’s article will realize that if unrest or a war breaks out, every 2-bit gun runner (and the big boys) in the whole WORLD will be flooding the U$ with guns and ammo, but it will be pricey ;)
We will have access to plenty of AK and AR ammo, plus all the NATO calibers anyone could want. I suspect the TOK will have plenty of the good mil-surp available once again, as well as the AP in x39 and x54 calibers as well. THIS is why one must also stack Gold and Silver, because it will be extreme if priced in U$D. :P :P :P

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