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I mostly gotta go with Miss C on this one.

Get your feet wet in the Black Market NOW, so it is not a new experience after SHTF.
But I do hear what 74 is saying, the criminal element will move in and try and control. Gotta be ready for that, or we will be overtaken in a bad deal. Plus, even the “good people” will have to descend to a lower common denominator, as Selco has taught in the course. White Knight prolly has the best overall statement. It will all be a harder, more violent world after SHTF.

We all speak of SHTF like it is a long term and/or permanent condition, which is OK but here’s how I see it:

A large, world changing event that is very swift and decisive. Think of a World War, or huge economic event like the collapse of the U$D, an EMP or widespread Ebola. HUGE SCALE

Sh!t Hits The Fan, Poo-poo Contacts the Propellor, etc…
The Ensuing Chaos after the TEOTWAWKI Event. Could start immediately if it is a war, or have a small calm time for a U$D Collapse or an EMP. But things change drastically when money, food, supplies and water run low and methods of obtaining these dwindle. This is where we can prepare for the inevitable fallout, and make survival possible by using foresight and (un)common sense…
This SHTF time period could last a week… a month… a YEAR (Selco)… or longer. We cannot predict. the duration of this “event” but if we are over-prepared at least we sailed through relatively easily. Do Not Count On This!

This is the phase we all hope to reach. At this time the “Black Market” will tend to morph into a version of real free market capitalism, as supply lines and producers are reestablished new ones are made. Hopefully the Crony Capitalists are swept away in the TEOTWAWKI and SHTF Phases, because if they survive, these chameleons will have assumed a much more passive and stealth appearance. People will no longer want the old order, and the NWO is just the OWO re-branded and marketed to the sheeple. Never forget this!

"ROGUE ELECTRICIAN" Hoping to be around to re-energize the New World.....

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