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Actually, I see the “black market” as the only “free market” left. What we have now, is not a free market but a very heavily government regulated market which is full of government granted monopolies and subsidy seekers. Presently, I regularly use the black market for items I cannot get in the government regulated market, like raw milk or uninspected meats.

Most people buying from the black market are doing so for the same reason. The people selling into the black market are — for the most part — normal people. The black market sellers only “crime” is that they are selling something that state has decided that the citizens shouldn’t have.

All markets are based on voluntary transactions between free individuals. As a buyer, I am willing to pay black market price for the item in question. If I don’t like the price, I don’t buy. No one in the black market has ever “forced” me to buy their products. In contrast, I have been “forced” to buy government services through my taxes and through government granted monopolies.

I wouldn’t fear the black market seller. I’m sure their are some unsavory characters in the black market, just like I know there are unsavory characters in the government controlled market. Personally, I like the freedom of the black market better… and I have more choice of products. :)