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I have a hard time picking a single weapon to fit all needs. Depending on what is going on regulates how I would load and pack out.

If I needed protection more than feeding myself I would pick the following. This is more my outdoors kit where I will spend a lot of time protecting myself and not a lot of time having to hunt.
1) My AR15. It has a 20 inch barrel and is set up for longer range shooting. US forces have adopted the compatible platform and this build fires military ammo without issue.
2) My Beretta 92A1. Again, it is the cousin of the US forces sidearm of choice so I can also use the same ammo as they use.
3) My M&P Shield as a hold out pistol. Again it is 9mm and uses the same ammo as US forces us.
4) My Beretta U22 in my pack for small game. I have the 6″ barrel on it and it is deadly accurate to minute of Coke can 50 yards + with a good rest.
*****Wife has an AR15 16″ barrel all set up with red dot, laser, flashlight, etc and a Glock 30. Would have her grab my AR7 for small/mid sized game.

More CQB and home protection:
1) KSG with laser sight, red dot and choke tube mod. Lots of lead in a small package.
2) My Beretta again.
*****Wife has her Glock 30 and a Mossberg 500 12 gauge. Her AR is on a 2 point and easily accessible if out of ammo in the scatter gun.

More hunting and get to the hills to feed self:
Probably take same as my force on force, but add a .300 Wby with my 4×16 scope on it for longer range hunting/shooting or my 30-06 with 4×12 scope because I have some old military rounds put back for it.
*****Wife would be same as force on force type, but swap out AR7 for KSG mentioned above.

The only caveat to this is the fact that having my 45-70 would be nice to keep around for punching engine blocks/stopping cars if need be. 500 grains of destruction being tossed out to either cut down trees or kill a Dodge is really nice.