For me it’a all about ammo per lb and common ammo / parts.


AR-15 for defense (more ammo per lb carried than AK, most common ammo and rifle system for parts. My Daniel Defense is dead reliable.and just over 6 lbs bare.

FX Independence 25 cal airgun for small game. I’s approx as powerful as a .22 short and extremely accurate. Can carry over 2x the ammo per lb as .22lr and much lower cost as well. not common by any means tho. Advantage here is that it’s silent so I have less chance of having to fight for the food I just shot. The rifle is just under 7 lbs bare.

Pistols: Sig all the way.

Sig Mk-25 9mm for main sidearm and Sig P290RS 9mm for backup. Both dead reliable and 9mm is common and cheap. I prefer .40 S&W or .357 Sig and I could also carry an extra slide and a couple of spare bbls & mags to convert the Mk-25 to both of these calibers. Weight-wise, the conversion slide and mags might come at the expense of ditching the backup.

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