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I like the AK platform but I Do Not like the extreme forward sights. I really dont like the aesthetics or the lack of a carrying grip either, but I can ignore that. I do love folding stocks though. My preference is for the 5.45mm caliber, but I wish the old tumbling rounds were still available. It just seems to do the same job as the older 7.62 but its lighter so you can carry more of it. Ive realized that smaller magazines dont really give you an advantage and often have feed problems (this is universal of firearms). So my choice would be a stack of 20 rounders.

My real choice would be a Dragunov but they’re so expensive I would have to choose another $1,000+ rifle instead for the same price. My alternative would be the Kel-Tec RFB because its a 308 that uses FAL magazines, and id get the sporter version with the 24″ barrel because that provides an accuracy boost. This thing is like something out of the Halo video game.<br>
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My weapons of choice would depend on the situation though. Carbines are the best weapons for 200 meters or less. And really a Magpul PDR would beat out a P-90, if they ever made it that is (its even smaller than a tavor, and still fires 5.56mm).

These are MY weapons of choice though. If I had 50 Grand on hand I wouldnt mind spending several thousand on firearms and ammunition, but money is an object. But in the right situation this is my winning combination:<br>
* Rifle: An AR platform rifle chambered in .458 Socom is my best pick . . . so long as the X-Products 50 round drum magazine (.223 type) would hold the ammunition. But I dont see any reason why it wouldnt if standard .223 AR magazines will load .458 Socom (7 or 9 rounds worth). It stands to reason you could hold 12-16 rounds in a 50 round drum. The reason is because it will slap someone with something as heavy as a shotgun slug which is going as fast as some rifle rounds do.<br>
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* But if that wouldnt work . . . an AR platform rifle chambered in .300 win mag. NEMO arms makes one with a 14 round magazine capacity. Because its .300 win mag, thats why. Twice the firepower of a .308 and its not obscure either.<br>
* First Sidearm: Springfield XD with .460 Rowland conversion kit and a Scope Mount. This new over-pressure cartridge packs as much firepower as a .44magnum while still being able to chamber .45acp rounds. The ammunition is obscure but it costs the same as a .44mag to stock up on. Better than spending four times the price on a tricked out desert eagle. This will stop a man, or a bear, and it will do it while they are on top of you unlike a shotgun.<br>
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* Second Sidearm: Masterpiece Arms 9mm Side Cocking pistol with scope mount, and a ton of subsonic ammunition (the 147grain type). Even if I wasnt going to use a suppressor, you can shoot small game with subsonic and it wont ruin the meal. But I would be making a suppressor for it and it would be off the books, and the only reason id use it is to test it, and it would remain hidden until SHTF. This is something I would get no matter what price range I was looking at — its 9mm, and I like the stability and holding angle better than a glock (which also has 30 rounder mags).<br>
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* Holdout Pistol: Springfield XDS .45acp with .460 rowland conversion (as above; the conversion can be done on the XDS as well). Why have two pistols that are essentially the same, except one is smaller? Because the larger one has a scope and the smaller one fits in a pocket. Plus ive got two pistols that shoot the same ammunition in case one messes up.<br>
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Wiz, you should armchair quarterback the ballistics a bit better, the 460 Rowland is not quite a 44 Magnum level cartridge in most loadings. I’d rather rely on a 45 Super for even less $$$ but good old +P is plenty for most folks. My research indicates that even with the available funds, reality sets in and smart folks buy the more common calibers and then stock up. One has to consider the availability and cost of reloading components (even common boolits will be scarce) and running out of brass could become a factor. I would suggest you get outfitted with a good old AK or AR first, then maybe get a nice sidearm in 45 Super (still functions with ACP, but maybe the 460 does too?) or just stick with simple 45 ACP and stock some +P for it. For the armored Zombies :D Do an OC shot…
One good shot with a 45 ACP trumps 6 shots off target with the Rowland ;)

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