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Mine is the SKS with 30 round steel mags. I prefer the SKS over the AK since they are both semi-auto for civilian use, the AK has no advantage there. Also the SKS has a milled receiver vs a stamped on the AK (There are some that have a milled, but majority are stamped), The barrel is a screw-in vs pinned on the AK (There are a few SKS with pinned). The safety is ambi and much more convenient. The SKS also has a lock bolt open on empty, standard AK’s don’t. The SKS also has a longer sight radius which is better for accuracy.

The downside is the AK is shorter and lighter than the SKS, which isn’t an issue with me and if you use a detachable magazine, you have the duck bill on the SKS mags unless you do a AK mag mod to it. You also have to be careful with the firing pin on the SKS if it is not cleaned properly you can have slam fires.

The downside on both is the muzzle raise, which I have compensated for with a muzzle brake and receiver recoil buffer.

I certainly wouldn’t complain if I had AK and would feel just as comfortable with it. Both use the same ammo so when I do get one to add to my collection I won’t have to buy different ammo.