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My current go to rifle would be my Indian L2a (Lee-Enfield in 7.62×51), my pistol would either be my Ruger Blackhawk or my wife’s Makarov.

Why? Because they are what I currently own and know how to use quite thoroughly. Currently the budget is just not there for any more guns, but when funds become available I plan to build at least 1 AR style gun and try out at least 1 AK model and an SKS. The AR because decent parts have become so affordable and it is pretty easy to build multiple uppers in different calibers, I am very tempted by an SKS, but I would want to try it and an AK to see which one feels best to me. I will also be buying myself another Makarov in .380, my wife’s is a nice little pocket pistol for me, but I will also be looking for something more powerful as my primary pistol, maybe sticking with .41 magnum since I love it in my Blackhawk and am all set up to reload for it already.

Although when I do build that AR, I will be very tempted to build it like a real gun, with wooden furniture.