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If you own your house you better keep paper copies of how much you have paid down your mortgage, if you have a lot of money in the bank you better keep your last statement. This may help you but is in no way a guarantee. In a collapse of the economy many things will get lost and the government will give it all the the banks not the people.

Look at all that happen when millions of foreclosures happen with all the signatures that were fraud and the banks got way with it. They should have lost every single house that they did that! If I did that same thing with my business I would be in jail for 100 years. Please the financial banking system owns the government and the government lets banks get away with murder. They have broken every law in the books. There were people losing there homes where the banks didn’t even have the notes to the properties and the judges were signing off on this. So many laws were broken.

They will never give us(the working class) anything for free. The only ones that get free anything are the left wing non-working group which fits there agenda.