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Whirlibird, the problem with the “simple” solution is that everything is too interconnected. The economy is incredibly complex. Just going with one of your examples, if tenants are allowed to delay payment of rent, then the landlord needs to be allowed to delay paying property taxes, insurance, utilities, their mortgage etc. If the town is to then allow delayed payment of property taxes, will the teachers accept late payment of their checks being the town doesn’t have the cash to pay them, or conversely if the town is to borrow it from a bank, where is the bank to get the cash if mortgage payments are being delayed? The Feds aren’t all that smart to come up with a solution that addresses all of the extensions.

Where I worked, Public Health Depts at the Local, State & Federal level were big customers of ours. Whenever something big like Katrina or Sandy came along, our revenue would drop because our customers would be distracted with the relief efforts. They’d eventually resume their normal programs but only on a going forward basis. The revenue we lost was lost forever.