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It looks like a double barrel KSG.

I find it interesting as to how many people have problems with both the UTS and KSG. Videos show that the selector switch is the main reason for jams with the UTS. If you actually choose either the left or right tube AND DON’T SHORT STROKE IT the firearm will function without issue. The KSG even has a section in the instruction book that tells you that the reason people have problems with it jamming is due to short stroking it. Videos all over the Internet show the same thing.

Check out this review and what this guy says about the KSG. Most importantly, check out how quickly he gets shots off. When you see him jam it up you can see that he messed up the stroke while chamber the next round.

I am sure that the design of all three shotguns could be better and there would be many fewer jams if they were changed over to a semi auto action. The bad rep that these shotguns suffer from just kind of annoys me since 90% of the problems can be traced back to user error. Maybe it is because I work in IT and watching users do stupid things and then blame us sort of parallels what I am seeing in these shotgun reviews. Check out the first couple minutes of this idiot……

This is a great example. As you watch both these guys cycle the shotgun, it is 100% their fault. They would have problems with most brand new shotguns if they cycled it the same way. If you look around 5:12 he even says that he is short stroking it and that is causing the jams. In reference to the cuts on his arm, it only makes sense that tucking your arm down and into the path of an ejected shell might result in it hitting you. Maybe put your elbow up to move your arm out of the way? Just saying…….

When I first ran into the KSG I bought I was debating if it was going to be a catch and release where I just made a few hundred bucks and called it a day or if I was going to keep it. After doing some research and messing around with it a little bit, I must say that I can see how people used to M series Benelli or pumps like the old Mossberg 500 would have problems with the KSG. You really have to commit to racking in a new shell. The action is very tight and not giving it a solid, smooth stroke doesn’t even feel right with it empty let alone racking a shell.

Sorry if I am a bit on a soapbox about this, but user error being the reason that a product gets a bad reputation is just pathetic in my mind. I classify these mouth breathers into the same group that require a warning label on a to-go cup of coffee.