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The CDC takes responsibility. And then they dump the problem back on on an understaffed underfunded hospital like Bellevue. You better believe the government is involved in another sick charade so they can blame someone else for their own mistakes. Bellevue so I’ve heard has 1 floor devoted to ebola patients and that looks so makeshift it could have been produced in China. They have no capacity for more people and as soon as the false cases show up with the flu season starting they will be completely overwhelmed like Dallas. Ebola and flu patients in one big incubator with nurses who do shifts and then go home to their families. I agree completely the nurses should quit before a bigger outbreak happens. The CDC has to take charge, or Nyc is toast. they need real isolation for these people like the complaining nurse who can’t see past the tip of her nose. She went to Africa to work on ebola patients well guess what, she may well be one of them. If she breaks out of quarantine they might as well put up a sign – all dead here. Bellevue will be a body drop.