Welcome , I dont know your financial situation , but SA seems like it has always been a kind of powder keg waiting for the fuse to be lit . Would it be a possibility for you and your family to think about immigrating to another country ?
I say this because my gf is Russian , and when she did it , it was the Soviet Union . When Gorbachev opened the way to allow Soviet citizens to leave the country , they jumped on it , and they were not rich by any stretch of the imagination . If SHTF is world wide , you would still be better off weathering it out in a country like the US , Canada , England , etc. where the odds are better . From what I understand , Canada is very generous with new immigrants to start over . You would not have to be on the loosing end of a race war in those countries . Geographically , even South America looks expedient . Either way , like I tell all my friends in the US , make sure you have a current passport …………..one never knows .