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Brulen, They use a lot of intravenous drugs. I read that in Africa they where using from 100,000mg to as high as 500,000mg of vitamin c. They found that they were all low on vitamin c. The problem is that oral vitamin c does effect the stomach, also it is well known that the stomach will only absorb about 65mg of vitamin c a hour so the best is the time release that have 500mg in about 8 hours or they have the 1,000mg for 24 hours which will keep your immune system strong. Also well known is zinc, we know it is being used in products like Cold-Eeze which the zinc kills the virus in your month, but we know that by taking zinc it also helps kill the flu virus.

I personally store the Cold-Eeze since they are in the form of a candy and will last for a very long time.

Every little helps in the fight against a virus.