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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>freedom wrote:</div>Brulen, you and I have the same problems low immune system. We have to take very high dosages of vitamin c to pull our immune system up. Eat a lot of fruits and veggies with high vitamins and pray. Even if there are a lot of survivors it doesn’t matter if they are white or black or any other color, it is about blood type only. But if there is a large population infection I do not think they will have the antibody transfusions for everyone.

Thanks Freedom. But .,, have you looked into n-acetylcysteine nac. I think that might be more help than vitc. I’ve tried high doses of c and it doesn’t have a good effect on my stomach wheras nac may help ward off flu and it won’t give you an ulcer.. Its supposed to and does help reduce mucus production. I can’t say whether I have a low immune response or not. A high response to flu or ebv might produce the dreaded cytokine storm and kill even quicker. I’ve never smoked so my lung condition is generally healthy and thats a plus. That Brantly Pham and Vinson have recovered so quickly is amazing. They must be very healthy or have advanced medical technology on their side. I would like to see the bills. I’m thinking there must be a miracle drug involved. They would want to conceal it for financial reasons if its made by a pharma giant. Business comes before people as they say.