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74, what I was clumsily trying to say, was that we only have so much life energy. If we take that life energy and focus on the things we have total control over, we will make progress in our lives. We can create the lives we dream of having. If we take our energy and focus on things we do not have control over, we will be stressed, anxious, ineffective and powerless. The winds of change will just bat us around.

I have been an entrepreneur my whole working life. I spend a large fraction of my time analyzing the current situation, making projections about the future, and evaluating my assumptions afterwards. It’s fun… but also humbling. In many ways, I can see into the future, but the really earth shattering events in my life — those life turning events — are unpredictable.

Black swan events in a person’s life are like meeting your life partner — or not finding a partner in life. It could be an illness in the family. It could be a birth of a child. It could be a flood, fire or other local disaster that destroys you private property. It could be an untimely death of a family member. It could be a change in government regulations that destroys or outlaws your business. It could be being forced to go to war… or having a loved one being forced to go to war. It could be being forced out of your country of birth by war or disease. These are all things outside of our control. We can plan for the more common events in life, like having a will or insurance, but many things in life are just out of our control.

If we want to prepare, we have to focus on the things we have control over and let go of the rest.