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Leopard, I only had time enough right now to watch a portion of the videos but I did get a good sense for the Special Task Force and what they do, and the situation on the ground that they must work in. It is good that you have them. That people live their lives needing the level of security and precautions that you take in your everyday life astounds me. I am 61 years old and I don’t personally know anybody who has ever had their home broken into nor do I know anyone who has had their car stolen or who has ever been the victim of a violent crime. I do know people who had things stolen from their cars, several who had their credit card #’s stolen (one being my wife and in her case it happened more than once), and someone who had a bicycle stolen from his garage, but nothing worse than that. Serious crime does happen everywhere and anywhere of course including the communities I’ve lived in but the issue is whether the level of crime is at a level that one has to live defensively. We all should always be aware of our surroundings but that is different than living with an expectation that something might happen.