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Maybe I’m just too cynical but ignoring the folks brought here from Africa for treatment, after all the political fall out following the mishandling of the 1st case to occur in the US (Duncan), all we have had thus far are the two nurses and now this doctor. What are the odds of that when we have 100 to 150 people legally coming into the US each and every day from West Africa fleeing the epidemic and not a single one of them has developed ebola after getting here? There are likely additional refugees illegally coming in via Mexico. There is no way at all that TPTB could have kept the cases of the two nurses and this doctor hidden. People like that can’t be made to disappear. What are essentially refugees fleeing West Africa (legally w/Visas) however could probably be kept quiet and out of the media if TPTB make sure their illness (and perhaps deaths) are ruled to be something other than ebola. I just can’t believe that all the African refugees are healthy and only our health care workers are getting sick. Time will tell I suppose.