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My soul is what I have to lose… which is what keeps the reigns on me!

And yes, they should be concerned but not yet. Most people my age don’t know just how ‘screwed’ they are yet. Also, most people my age are far more responsive to fear and intimidation… I have fear like every human being, but I cannot realistically be intimidated. Just my personality, I suppose?

And mountainbiker, you are correct, but I am only speaking for myself. That is a look at my emotions… but I am not one to act upon them. What is being done to the American people and indeed, people everywhere, is wrongful on such a level that I lack the words to express it. But I realize that me and a bunch of like-minded people going out and starting a war actually isn’t going to do diddly squat. That would be a physical solution for a spiritual/moral problem. And it would not work.

I guess I was just venting, letting you know how I and some others my age feel. The ones smart enough/informed enough to know what lies ahead. Rest assured however that at least I won’t be doing anything rash, because my faith and reason both tell me not to.