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None of us can predict the future… It is unmade and unknown. It seems to be the human condition that we want to pull out our throwing bones, runes, tarot cards, astrology or go to the Oracle to get some certainty about the world.

Roadracer, you are right that the turning points in history are what Nassim Nicholas Taleb calls black swan events. He thinks, one cannot predict these events, even though many will try to take the credit afterwards! (Also, the human condition.)

All we can do is focus on our little lives and do the things that are needful. For most of us that is on a household level. We can only do so much. I would suggest focusing on activities a person has total control over, first. Don’t be distracted by things that are totally out of your control. If you have a God, leave those big things to Him. If you don’t have a God, just accept the unknown and the unknowable… but know you have the personal power to make your life into the vision of your dreams.